Learning Environments And Diverse Families Within The Lower Primary Age Groups

Learning Environments And Diverse Families Within The Lower Primary Age Groups

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Brief Introduction:

In this booklet you will receive information with supporting texts about the different ways of addressing gender norms, learning environments and diverse families within the lower primary age groups. Gender norms will look at how boys and girls are viewed differently and the way that they approach play time and special learning activities. By looking at the classroom learning environments you will gain knowledge about how the best ways to approach setting up the interactive areas. Interactive learning areas are important in the classroom to give the children opportunities for the maximum amount of learning that will minimise the gender split and the control from different children. We will address how the children view their own families and the families of their friends. This will highlight how all families are different, yet everyone is still being loved by who is in their family.

This booklet will contain information gathered from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The Early Years Learning Framework is based on the principles of Belonging, Being and Becoming to nurture the development and growth of children. These three elements consist of five learning outcomes, five principals and eight practices that work together to support curriculum decision making from birth – five years of age and the transitioning to school. (EYLF, 2010, p. 3) All the strategies outlined here have been researched and based on the lower primary years of Pre-Primary to year three. We will talk about the issues read about in scenario 2, how you can best approach the situations with ideas to use with the children and also addressing it amongst the staff....

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... differences and diversity while linking it in to her daily plans to teach the children as a whole. If you look at the Pre-Primary humanities and social science content in the Australian Curriculum, Assessment Reporting Authority you will see a teaching component for History, this shows the teachers and educators that you do need to be aware of the topics and ready to address it with the class. Even though the lower primary curriculum content does not specify to teach the children about the different nature of same gender parents, all educators need to know how to address the types of families within their classes, without making the child feel as if they are being singled out in front of their friends. You need to have good communication with parents to understand what may be happening outside of school hours so that you are aware of any changes in family structure.

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