Learning Environment: What´s a Classroom Climate? Essay

Learning Environment: What´s a Classroom Climate? Essay

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A classroom climate is defined as “the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical environments in which our students learn”. There is a plethora of research, articles, books and thought leaders in education that advocate the need for teachers to create a positive environment in the classroom. One can safely say that it is a prerequisite if meaningful work and student cooperation are expected. It also conducive to learning and without it, teachers may find difficulty in handling classroom management and goes hand in hand with effective teaching.
However, I think that this task should be shared by not just teachers and learners, but also of parents, school administrators, the school community itself, and to an extent, the whole community as well.
How do I define “positive”? Or better yet, how do I define a “positive learning environment”? For the purpose of this assignment I would define it as such: A positive learning environment is a place where learning is expected, where students feel safe and encouraged, where everybody works toward a common goal, where everyone gives and gets respected, and last but not least, it is a place where there is support and cooperation from the entire school community.
After reading the articles and watching Dr. Francis’ video lectures I can surmise that there are several factors that are needed as part of building a learning culture for my students.

Clear Communication
Setting a clear expectation from day one is key and communicating it to students in a language that they would understand is imperative. Part of building a climate that learning-centered involves teachers sharing their expectations concerning learning, achievement, and social behavior with...

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...t is conducive to cooperative learning. I also encourage my students to not leave their classrooms dirty and in disarray when they leave.


In the context where I am working now, it is not easy for to apply some concepts of classroom management and communication in establishing an environment of learning. The culture definitely plays a part on how students learn, behave and how they are disciplined at times. It is still a struggle to have buy-in from some parents as my procedures and strategies are in stark contrast to what they know. Divergent values from the parents, school systems and from me also presents as a constant struggle to keep the classroom conducive to learning while at the same time being respective to the culture. It is definitely a welcome challenge to find a good balance for me without compromising my professional values.

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