Learning Disorders Are Lifelong Conditions That Can Affect Much Of A Person 's Life

Learning Disorders Are Lifelong Conditions That Can Affect Much Of A Person 's Life

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Learning disorders are lifelong conditions that can affect much of a person’s life, including daily routines, family relationships, education, and even friendship. Others experience learning disabilities that cause difficulties in all areas, eventually causing acts of discrimination. In the United States discrimination towards people is still very common, and the most affected are children with disabilities. Most of these particular cases occur in public schools, teachers and staff feel like special education students should be treated differently or less as normal students because they don 't have the same ability to learn. Children and people face challenges in a day to day basis, that is indescribable ranging from teasing, name calling, bullying and even rejection. Due to discrimination, children with special needs are reminded on a consistent basis that they are not good enough to make it far in life. People discriminate special education children simply by the way they look or act, the amount of discrimination people practice against people with disabilities needs to be addressed.
In 1973, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act was enforced as a civil right act to defend people with disabilities from any act of discrimination in employment, transportation, access, entertainment, public areas and education. In that case, this act will protect any person regardless to their disability. No qualified handicapped individual in the United States, shall, simply, by reason of his/her disability, be suspended from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. (The Role of Section 504 in the Educational Process). Unfortunately, c...

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...meant to face difficult challenges in life. Some help, others do not. Schools can easily help most children overcome their barriers, and difficulties they face. However, few children will need extra help for some or all of their time in school. Children make progress at different rates and have different ways in which they learn best. It is just not about providing the best education, but having patience and showing that they care about them receiving a good education. Humans should not discriminate a person because they have a disability, that person is a special gift from God, a human like you and I. Society needs to accept that children with learning disorders struggle through school, they are confused about the concepts other easily learn, teachers may lose patience and the children always end up believing on other’s judgments, all of the above must be addressed.

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