Essay on Learning Disability Based Off Of How The Teacher

Essay on Learning Disability Based Off Of How The Teacher

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After viewing the Fear, Anxiety and Tension Workshop videos, I now realize that sometimes students may develop a learning disability based off of how the teacher acts, responses, and teaches his/her class. Another key factor that can affect a student’s ability to learn is what teachers say and how they say it. This is one concept that I plan to focus a great deal on, because I do not be the one to hinder my students from learning what they need to know in order to move forward. In each video, the instructor’s tone of voice and choice of words stood out to me. The students in the class felt very threatened by the teacher and so did I and I wasn’t even in the classroom. I definitely would not be able to learn with that style of teaching being used. The instructor’s style of teaching was another thing that stood out to me. As teachers, we must know when to switch our teaching style up and when to keep it the same. We must be acceptable to change and change our plans to adjust to students’ needs. The teacher in those videos resisted change and ignored students’ learning needs.

After watching those videos, it made me think about how teachers are in today’s classrooms. Students with disabilities need time to adjust and adapt to what is being taught within the classroom and it is our jobs, as teachers, to provide this time. Rhetorical questions were also asked in one of the videos to a student. I thought back to my days of subbing and was not able to recall a time, where I have used this approach with a student. I am going to keep these questions in mind, so that in the future I continue not to use them. After watching all of the videos, I will now be more alert and careful of the body language that I am presenting befor...

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...lassified as “class clowns”. This was a typical reaction to learning disabled students. As a teacher, I do not plan to have this type of behavior in my classroom. I plan to nip it in the bud right away. As teachers, we must find ways to steer students away from this type of behavior and encourage that the classroom is a safe environment for students to learn. Some ways that I encourage this is by stating at the beginning of class that we are all here to learn, including me! Another way to do this is to also stress the importance of classroom safety, encouraging questions to be asked, and promoting independent self-learning.

Rhetorical questions asked by teachers was another topic discussed in the video. This could also hinder a student with learning disabilities ability to learn, due to the teacher’s choice of words creating a hostile learning environment.

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