Essay on Learning Concepts and Research Approaches

Essay on Learning Concepts and Research Approaches

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The 21st century presents a different world than that of the 19th or even 20th centuries. Humans have continuously learned to move through eras. Mankind negotiated the leap from the industrial to the information age with relative ease. The advent of the knowledge age brings new challenges. Qualifications that satisfied the requirements of the past centuries give way to assessments relating to the ability to learn and bend with industry change. The human capacity to learn is paramount in economic success and the ability of the individual in reaching full potential in the home, at work, or in his community at large. This potential and the possibility of its loss draws the interest of psychologists who explore the prospect of reaping the greatest benefit from the human capacity to learn. This effort requires a description of the concept of learning, distinguishing between learning and performance, and a comparison/contrast of the conceptual approaches to the study of learning. Whereas learning affects behavior, understanding how people learn and adapt can enable productive learning and may facilitate enhanced lifespan development.
Concept of Learning
Learning involves gathering information through sensory processing of stimuli and the behavioral changes the acquisition of that knowledge produces. Knowledge acquisition alters the mind of the individual whether the individual learns deliberately or unconsciously. Storage, transformation, and use of information are among the wide range of mental processes in operation every time an individual acquires knowledge. An important facet of learning is the change in behavior prompted by the knowledge (Terry, 2009). Learning is not the same for every individual, each individual has specific b...

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...ance the lifespan development of the individual and society is noteworthy.

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