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In designing a teaching philosophy and rationale, it is important to recognise at the outset that students or learners have different abilities, needs, cultural backgrounds and learning styles. Positive attitudes are sustained when classroom approaches centre on learning and not on teaching. For them to acquire knowledge and skills, they like to be engaged and encouraged where they partake in the processes of their learning despite their cultural diversities in a global world. In other words, a learner centred approach alone may not suffice. Rather, there is a need to focus on learning centred approaches that are adaptable according to needs, abilities, cultures, and styles of learning. It is precisely such learning centred approaches that form the essence of my teaching philosophy and rationale.
A good starting place in developing my philosophy and rationale was to look back on my best learning experiences both as a student and throughout my career. The most fun lessons were usually those that enabled me to participate actively. They were lessons that allowed me to be engaged in my learning. The lessons were so enjoyable that it did not intimidate me to ask questions. No question was a silly question to encourage my learning. Through the highly motivating and thought provoking sessions in each lesson, there was always some useful idea to ponder and reflect about. The lessons would draw upon real life experiences across multiple disciplines that had application in life. There were multiple tools used in class to facilitate my learning ranging from audio-visuals, group discussions to actual hands on pragmatic sessions to enhance my knowledge, skills and aptitudes.
The short journey down memory lane reaffirms experiences that are...

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...o gather feedback from my learners about how they view the functions of finance in history given their diverse study areas and backgrounds. They will assess for themselves the core skills of the Nattukottai Chettiars as major financiers in British Malaya. This is in accord with learning centred approaches geared towards being student-centred as opposed to being course-centred as a cardinal principle for learning outcomes.
A short two minutes video presentation will allow learners to use visual literacy skills and critical inquiry together with collaborative discussions in their teams to learn about these financiers. It will prompt reflection on interdisciplinary aspects in finance and history that have room for experiential learning. The tools of visual literacy, critical inquiry and collaborative learning will bring history to life and make it enjoyable for them.

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