Learning Best Practices For Maximum Global Workforce Training Essay

Learning Best Practices For Maximum Global Workforce Training Essay

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Article 4.1 7 E- Learning Best Practices for Maximum Global Workforce Training ROI 88-91

The article highlights how important it is to train your employees correctly and effectively. If not, it will cost the company money and then they do not receive the desired results on the return on investment (RIO). Even though the economy is recovering slowly, organization spending cost has increased as it relates to training and develops. According to Training magazine’s 2011 Industry Report, total 2011 U.S. training expenditures----including payroll and spending on external products and services jumped 13 percent to $50.7 billion. That is a lot of money being spent on training and development. In addition, the increase for e-learning training has increased significantly worldwide. For example, I work for a local school district that used to send a group of staff members out of the building for a training workshop. Now, the training is done predominantly in-house via computer-based e-learning. This is cost-efficient and cost-effective for the organization. The text also discusses companies must be wise in choice selection for e-learning because they are not all created equally. This can cost the organization more money due to a lack of poor training and evaluations.

Article 4.2 Language Diversity in America Challenges and Opportunities for Management for Management Page 92-97
The text discusses language diversity nationally and globally, which is necessarily in the workplace. Language is a part of our everyday life. However, if you cannot communicate and express yourself appropriately then it could keep you from earning a decent living age and reaching professional goals. According to the text, “The Census Bureau reported that as of Jul...

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...inds, and the finite amount of time they have to make a decision. Thus, they argue that rationality is socially constructed and should be considered in the equation as it relates to emotions and relationships. Also, the article suggests that decision makers are risk adverse when performance is good, however, when the situation is stable and risk seeking when performance is poor or the problem is unstable. This is where bound emotionality explores the underlying emotion processes. Furthermore, the emotion aspect of the individual affects the creative and innovation due emotional pressures and stressors. Researchers have also discovered that just because you eliminate stress in the organization, it does equate to better performance in the workplace. Nevertheless, the text illustrated the best way for employees to deal with job security is to address the issues head on.

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