Essay on Learning At The Beginning Of Class

Essay on Learning At The Beginning Of Class

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For someone, who hasn’t taken this class yet, wanting to know what learning is I would say learning is not only knowing something well enough that you can take a test on said subject and do well. Learning is about knowing something to the extent that you can apply it to real life and not just school. As said in Chapter 1.2 of the book, learning is connecting to what you’re experiencing and then making sense of it all. The way I viewed learning at the beginning of class is very different to what I know learning is now. I thought learning was just about studying hard and knowing something well enough that you can pass a test. For me, learning is knowing something and being able to carry that knowledge into life after college.
The term used to describe what type of learner I am is, Dynamic Learner. When it comes to using my learning patterns together to my advantage I typically use my Use First Sequence and Use First Precision. I use my Confluence Pattern As Needed. I avoid using Technical Reasoning, as it is not my strong suit. My LCI scores are: Sequence 27, Precision 29, Technical Reasoning 8, and Confluence 22. When using Sequence, I tend to be very anal about knowing exactly what the directions are and what I am supposed to be doing before I start something. When using Precision, I am very precise about things. I like to know that everything is exactly where it needs to be. Although, sometimes, I have what some call “organized chaos” so it may look like a wreck but I know exactly where everything is. When using Technical Reasoning I get very frustrated, very quickly. I do not do well when it comes to putting things together. For some reason when I read the directions it all makes perfect sense until I look at all the pieces i...

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...ings I will be able to complete tests, essays, discussions, etc. in a more efficient way.
What I enjoyed most about this class was that it helped me become a better learner, a more intentional learner. If not for this class I would not have known my Learning Patterns and how to use them to my advantage. To be honest there isn’t anything I would change about this class. It helped with my writing and critical reading skills more than I thought it would. My expectations of online learning were that it would be more difficult than going to class and that it was basically going to be a “sink or swim” kind of situation. I found that it is actually more organized, in my opinion. I can keep better track of what assignments I have done and don’t have to worry about losing my homework or books. The instructor and my advisors have made this a really great experience thus far.

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