Learning At Every Level : My Teacher Interview Essay examples

Learning At Every Level : My Teacher Interview Essay examples

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Learning at Every Level
For my teacher interview, I interviewed my high school mathematics teach, Mrs. Pam Tomshack. She has been involved in education for 25 years and she currently teaches 8th grade pre-algebra. I felt that she was a good candidate due to her years of experience and her impact on my life. Mrs. Tomshack was a major advocate of keeping an open mind while teaching. She is a firm believer in teachers learning just as much from their students as they learn from their teachers. Her acceptance of new methods and procedures in the classroom have contributed to the educator she is today. Her motivation and determination in the classroom has inspired me and encouraged me to become the best possible teacher I can be.
When asked Mrs. Tomshack about an experience that made her the teacher she is today, she talked about a new system of co-teaching that was implemented into her school. At first, she was very against having another teaching the classroom. However, the experience ended up being extremely beneficial to her as both and teacher and as a person overall. This showed me how truly important it is to keep an open mind about things. Mrs. Tomshack told me that trying new things was important and that her experience with co-teaching helped “to bring about new methods and strategies that I have not used before.” She talked highly of these methods and she believed that they helped to improve her teaching abilities.
Mrs. Tomshack told me about her experience at both Keystone High School and Vermilion High School. She described the Vermilion community as “very family oriented. My co-workers are supportive. Parents are respectful and patient... for the most part.” She continued on to talk about how important it was to enjoy ...

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...e information the first time around. When asked about her response to a class having poor test results, Mrs. Tomshack stated the importance of reviewing the materials and possibly retesting. This showed me how truly important it is to make sure your students understand the material before you move on to the next lesson.
My interview with Mrs. Tomshack showed me how important it is to continue to learn as a teacher. Various types of technology and other innovative materials are being incorporated into classrooms every year. I must be willing to keep an open mind in order to get out of my comfort zone and grow as both a teacher and as a person. The last thing I want is to close myself off to learning new materials. This interview helped me to grasp a new outlook on education while also providing me with a firsthand account of the current state of our education system.

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