Learning and Knowledge Application to Improve Product Quality Essay example

Learning and Knowledge Application to Improve Product Quality Essay example

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Learning is base of Knowledge sharing, it adds more value and helps to improve product quality. We have different products and people keep switching from one project to another, it is very important as organization we need to Adapting new approaches, initiatives in new business opportunities etc. are factors those stimulates the passion in an organization to consider learning as a necessity. It is also important to note that in order to be competitive in the industry; we have to make sure organization thrives for new learning opportunities that eventually lead to success stories. I understand there are risk factors involved, effort, time and dedication required but it is unavoidable to retain the position in industry. As you are aware at the end of every project, we make sure that we conduct ‘lessons learnt’ and ‘success stories or our best practices’ sessions which always help us to improve the overall process in terms of acquiring the correct information and making sure that organization in moving in the correct path.
6. Knowledge application, what you think how effectively we have achieved this? Any areas of improvement you could think of?
I am a strong believer that knowledge application is the result of all the efforts put together any organization and without which the yield in unknown. Being in the IT department, it is critical for us to make sure the knowledge gathered is effectively implemented (applied) so that we can assure the correct knowledge is capture, documented and distributed. In order to effectively achieve knowledge application, we have leaders who actively monitor the implementation and outcome of projects. If cracks found in the process there are strict protocols to be followed. We have a team who is respo...

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...ally when our organizations operation spread globally it’s been always a challenge for me and the peers. AS we add more groups who are new to business and culture, it’s been always a challenge for us to plan and act rapidly. After certain research and analysis it found that we should identify the leaders who can seamlessly collaborate with native teams and global team which found to be successful. We have to lucky enough to get such dynamic leaders who could lead this practice successfully.
10. In short, how do you explain KM and its value to any organization?
In my opinion, Knowledge is the most powerful tool to be successful in business and managing it should be very challenging. There are practical and theoretical approaches, expert’s needs to be identified to drive this practice within the organization which is a necessity of the organization’s vertical growth.

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