Learning : A Never Ending Process

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Learning – A Never Ending Process I was born and brought up in India. I went to catholic English medium school. I did my bachelors in India and for further studies came to United States. My twist starts when I wanted to change my study plans from doing masters in pharmaceutics to pharm.D. However, when I applied for pre-pharm I had to wait for one whole semester to get enrolled in the classes. Questions were arousing in my mind, what should I do for these six months. Should I go back to India and come again? Should I travel some places? I have to study the whole pharmacy again, and I have to wait for one semester to start it. What should I do? Multiple questions and the answer was Intensive English program (Iep) at University Of Mississippi. My first day at this program, I met a couple of students. Some of them were struggling with English while others had knowledge of extraordinary vocabularies but had difficulties in communication. My perception about me was I am a little better than others due to my background. I felt that the tasks in this program will be easy and there will be nothing new to learn. But, all of my assumptions failed when I submitted my first essay of Learning English. My essay was good. It had a lot of ideas and good points, yet it lacked in a grammatical way and some of the parts were written in generalization and informal way using more of spoken English. My tutor was very organized and always determined about improving her students. She printed out everybody’s essay and then had a conversation in personal about the mistakes. As a result, I became aware of all the mistakes I had done in my paper. I was surprised about myself. I told her, “ Mam, I was always good at grammar and writing, I never had these... ... middle of paper ... ...ps I learned throughout the semester. Surprisingly, my final essay first draft had only 8 errors and I felt happy about it. I felt that being in Iep I acquired something which will be very useful in my career development. My learning experience in Iep had improved my literacy. It has polished my thinking and writing. At the end of program I felt that there is no time for learning. And when it comes to literacy it’s a never-ending process. Each and every step in your life has something to teach you. I never thought that being in the Intensive English Program would develop my writing skills and help me in career development. At first, I thought about this program as the waste of a semester, but eventually being in this program change my perception. It was worth being in the Iep program, where all of my basics were refurbished and it encouraged me to keep learning.
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