Learner Kudler Fine Foods

Learner Kudler Fine Foods

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Kudler Fine Foods is a grocery food establishment that serves an upscale customer base. Kudler Fine Foods will start to focus in of how to expand upon their services and stream line the organizational process by improving the efficiency of the entire operations. The success will be measured by Kudler Fine Foods ability to integration a new system which will incorporate a database system. Kudler Fine Foods marketing should be able to easily see the most popular products purchased by customers depending on income levels, area of residence, gender, shopping location along with any other categories that marketing wants to add. The system should also automatically convert the purchases to points and add the point's totals to the customer information data base. "Analysis Phase is to understand and document the business needs and the processing requirements of the new system" (Satzinger, Jackson, Burd & Johnson 2004, p. 6)
The first step will be to address the need and scalability that Kathy Kudler is looking for in the company. There is a growing need it increase and standardize their network structure in the way of wired and wireless network. The network infrastructure has become a global on demand in all business. Technological advances require a responsive network infrastructure that is designed to control costs and reduce risks to a business, while enabling new business opportunities. The first Kudler's operations will have to be centrally linked tighter one server that can be accessed at all location. This will elevate the database which is presently used and has to be updated continuously at each store. The new system will accomplish the need to the entire operations. The heads of each location will be called upon for a meeting, the CEO, Kathy Kudler will have be aware of the global changes that will take place and effect the organization. Establishing a central database management system will keep track information from each facility and there location. Being able to access this information from any location can support the supply chain management system that Kudler is also looking for. The information in a database that can be linked to all three stores, this way the information of gathering these resources can be deploy and optimize the network infrastructure with proper management. With a system that can be integrated between these facilities can be all run virtually regardless of the complex organization's size, achieving business viability and maintain a competitive edge will be a paramount concern at Kindler's.

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The structure and how theses system will be supported will be the main determination and readiness for Windows XP Professional which will support all the commercial need of an organization between a wide range of interconnecting computers and backup systems. Having a SQL Server centralized location for all stories will be able to handle the database needs of the entire operations. These connections will be through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The data base can be up dated through the web site which will direct the user
The three major areas of concern in computing and data collection in this environment of the company is Hardware, software and network capability. The basic requirements will be the handing the new up dated and software ware packages. In this case the amount of random access memory will be vital in operations due to the fact that there will be several applications running acquiring data.
Hardware, can the computers meet the minimum hardware requirements for Windows XP Professional, In addition to meeting these requirements, all hardware devices must be compatible with Windows XP Professional. Software is the applications compatible with Windows XP Professional, and will all applications, including custom-designed software, work with computers running Windows XP Professional. Talking into account each facility will need to address the hardware issues first. There will be a need to have dedicated servers to support operations between facilities. This will be done with the same software between servers. Members of IT staff at Kindler will be responsible in maintaining and support of these servers and to support the fire wall conditions. IT personal will use a RAID, Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, is a number of hard disks which act as an extremely reliable single disk drive. This can be done by duplication of data from one disk drive to another. Failed disk drives can be replaced and data can be placed back onto the disk drive while the remainder of the system is in operation the term of hot swapping the disk drive is automatically initialized into the array when another fails. Drives are used in pairs and all data is written identically to both drives. Each drive can be paired, failure of one drive will not bring down the system, and the other drive will continue to operate.
Software packages will be necessary to meet the requirements of Kindler's Frequent Shopper Program. This information will be recorded with the purchase of each customer the software package will support the needs of the organization and will include the time of year and quantity of purchase per each unit item. The transfer of complete data files to down load the old data which will be used for all data migration and stored into usable files. Depending on availability network connections will be address as they arise as newer networks come around the support to faster speeds will be necessary for communications between customers and facilities from product and availability
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