Lean Six Sigma Training Offerings Essay

Lean Six Sigma Training Offerings Essay

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Lean Six Sigma training offerings vary greatly. Offerings include 5 days to get certified as a Black Belt (guaranteed) all the way up to 20+ days of training with no guarantees unless the student demonstrates competency over following months. Offerings also include Green Belt level courses with a bundle of six sigma tools all the way up to Green Belt training that includes a comprehensive array of both lean, six sigma and facilitative leadership methods.

Which one do you buy into? Which one will serve you best? How to answer that is simple …


If your goal is to obtain some qualification only, the good news is there are cheap and fast ways to do this. Jump on a 5 day black belt course, do the exam and get the piece of paper. Easy … not much will be transferrable back to the workplace, but that was not the goal.

Here is a quote from one student of that type of training.

"In this fast paced world it 's often too easy to get quick fixes. I once embarked on a trip to Melbourne with the promise of a Black Belt in Six Sigma within a week. What was the catch? There wasn 't one. I paid the money and sat in a room for 10 hours a day for 5 days. On the Friday afternoon I left with a freshly printed Black Belt Certificate. During the flight back to Perth the first threads of doubt crossed my mind. What had I really learnt? Did I have the confidence to call myself a Black Belt? The answer was no. The course was too rushed without real depth. At least the hotel food was nice. Statistical analysis was covered in the final hour. Ten weary faces staring at an overhead ... no hands on, no use of a computer.

Five years later I found myself embarking on my second Black Belt. Within minutes of meeting Harry [the t...

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...rocessing - Machine Servicing - Die Changeover - Payment Processing

B. Working on a Six Sigma Project

The ideal Six Sigma Project is one that meets the following criteria: - The process is highly repetitive and experiences obvious variation - Involves more than 5 steps in the process - The key output variable is measurable - An improvement in the variation that is experienced would add value to the business or customers

The process involved can be either service related (finance, supply, HR etc) or production related (manufacturing, laboratory etc).

Example Projects - Reduce the variation in part length to within customer specs - Decrease the amount of time spent producing below targeted throughput - Increase the proportion of defect free parts (reduce number of defective parts)

- Raise the daily average quality level of material produced to some specified target

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