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Lean Manufacturing : Home Work Essay

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Home Work 2

T.S.R.Sanjay (L20352031)

1) Investigate and explain in your own words Just-in-Time production (JIT).
JIT- Just in Time was an approach used to achieve Lean manufacturing. JIT to explain it shortly it means producing right item at right time and at right quantity. Toyota introduced JIT approach in 1950 when the company facing Tough competition, high capital investment, rapid change in automobile market in terms of price value and technology.
The need to introduce JIT to Toyota the primary need is to control the over production which is being on Toyota shop floor producing items irrespective of market demand following PUSH system conventionally which is later replaced by PULL system by TPS. The other main reason to introduced JIT is to track the order and status of INVENTORY which was the main problem on the Toyota shop floor.
Even though it JIT was proposed in 1950 it took 30 long years to apply. It was introduced by Toyota in North America in 1980 along with some other principles like Quality circles, Statistical Process Control.
There are four main rules for JIT approach they are
1) Never manufacture any product until unless it was ordered by the customer in Downstream.
2) Always balance demand to make flow smoothly throughout the shop floor
3) Always link all the manufacturing processes to the customer demand by using simple visual tools.
4) Try best for the minimization of flexibility between man & machines.
Womack and Jones defined supporting concepts to JIT in Toyota Production System they are
1) Contineous Flow: It elaborates the concept “how can make things flow?” for that he defined,
 Always define the value of a product from the view of the customer.
 Move mac...

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...that is to get rid of the manufacturing system not from the technology and to start again this lead them to correct their wrong production strategies, unestimated demand and unnecessary supply of items which make them to reduce their operational costs.
These companies always look for the tracking of their stock levels at the supplier to manufacture the sold ones and to keep the supply store always with all the products and to avoid unwanted stocking and maintenance of the finished goods at the supplier.



Don Breakey and Jonas Sammons, Manitoba Quality Network – http://www.qnet.mb.ca (QNET), for the introduction to this publication.

North America’s Largest Lean Manufacturing Conference, October 6-10, 2003, www.measureupforsuccess.com (calendar). Used with permission (D. Hogg).

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