Essay on Lean Manufacturing A Case Study Analysis

Essay on Lean Manufacturing A Case Study Analysis

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Waste is defined as anything that does not add value to the end product from the customer’s perspective. The manufacturer must minimize the waste during producing the product so that the profit of the business can generate highly and the production cost can be minimized. In our case study we studied the manufacturing procedure of casting industry. The main task in this case is to implement lean methodology production so that the waste can be minimized.

Keywords: lean manufacturing, value stream mapping, current stream mapping, future stream mapping, lean tools.

In 1850 Eli Whitney’s idea of interchangeable parts is the root for this lean manufacturing and he is known as father of this process. Later in 1900, Henry Ford introduced the idea of the assembly line, which rapidly produced automobiles, there reduction of wastes in manufacturing industries started. In 1950s the Toyota production system developed by ohno and shingo makes tremendous changes in production systems by introducing Kaizen, Kanban, J-I-T etc. This lean is basically based on the Toyota Production System (TPS), and other Japanese management practice that strives to shorten the time line between the customer order and the shipment of the final product.
Lean producing may be a business model and assortment of plan of action strategies that emphasize eliminating non worth activities (waste) whereas delivering quality products on time a minimum of price with greater efficiency. functioning from the attitude of the consumer who consumes a product or service, or any action that customer would be wil...

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...T production means without any inventories the production should be complete smoothly the just-in-time is an pull system.



Column chart 1
The number of working days decreases from 7 to 1 in future state map.
Column chart 2
The Non-value activities in current state map is huge 8858.4 minutes Compared to future state map 254 minutes.

Future state mapping is an theoretical approach, built up by using suggested methods and if the organization utilizes the lean manufacturing tools really it increases the productivity and beneficial to organization the main theme of the lean manufacturing is “get more with less” the exact thing is observed in this case study more productivity with less waste.

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