Lean Is Strategy Management Philosophy Derived From Toyota Production System

Lean Is Strategy Management Philosophy Derived From Toyota Production System

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Part I
Lean is strategy management philosophy derived from Toyota production system which follow the culture of continuous improvement, maximizing value and minimizing waste by focusing on key activities. It is strategy which focuses on increasing customer value by minimizing waste. It involves a series of activities to minimize waste and non-value added activities from the production system through good customer relation, supplier network, factory management and improve the value added process. (http://www.lean.org/WhatsLean/, 2016)
The key focus of lean is to eliminate the waste it can be through any activity that does not added value to the customers. An activity is called value added when three conditions are meet (i) when activity lead to transformation of product or service. (ii) Customer must be willing to pay for it. (iii) It must be done correctly the first time.
Lean management tools:
5s: this lean tool of 5s focuses on creating an environment which is comfortable, more systematized, and safe so that efficient and effectiveness in work can be achieved. This is also a motivating tool as this make employees feel good and secure that they are working in an environment which is clean, safe and more organized and error free which help them to increase their overall productivity.5s tools of lean include:
Sorting: in this one focus on finding out what is relevant job in hand what is not relevant and need to be removed.
Systematizing focus on efficient locating and storing of things. This means that things must function in an optimal way. This means there is place for everything and everything should be at its place.
Shining: it focus on covering uncovered fault and always ready to solve if any problem occurs in producti...

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...gement company has open information centers in the factory. These information Centre’s provides 3 minute management approach. Which help jaguar workers to have quick look at the solution and how to solve certain errors occurring in the operational activities.
Yamazumi board/ performance evaluation: jaguar management adopted this idea to improve performance of employee by keeping emphasis on more productive activities. They divided workers in small cell which comprises of 7 members. And each member is given task and responsibility to perform. They divided activities into value added and non-value added. This help management in fairly distribution of work and this will increase productivity of jaguar as they are helping employees to focus more on value added activities. (http://businesscasestudies.co.uk/jaguar/lean-production/ownership-of-work.html#axzz4Cdmj7Aux, 2016)

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