The League Of Nations By President Woodrow Wilson Essay

The League Of Nations By President Woodrow Wilson Essay

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The League of Nations sounds like a superhero team and in a sense, the goal that The League was trying to achieve could have been something straight out of a comic book. Originally proposed by President Woodrow Wilson during World War I, The League was born after some alterations. The League of Nations’ main intention was to bring an end to the war and prevent another one of the same atrocious proportions from happening in the future. Forty zealous countries joined this fight, but the most powerful country of all was not among them: The United States of America. While many Americans agreed with the goal of The League, many did not and those that did not were ones in power. The portion of the “mission statement” for The League that caused disagreement was Article X which stated that if one of their fellow League nations were in trouble, they were required to come to their aid by giving advice. Critics said that not only could this end up dragging America into foreign wars, but that it contradicted the Monroe Doctrine (an agreement that kept eastern hands out of the West and vic...

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