Leading With A Vision While Establishing Goals Essay

Leading With A Vision While Establishing Goals Essay

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By saying it is important for a leader to have a vision would be an understatement, because it is vital for a leader to visualize which direction he or she can see the company/ organization going. However, any vision is not sufficient, a leader must have a positive vision in which they can convey what they see to their employees or team members in an influential way (Leading & Leadership, 1997).
There are a few ways as a leader you can try and relate your vision by having a positive impact on your employees or team members. Knowing yourself and the organization could be one of them. Being knowledgeable in your area of expertise, or having an immense past record with similar experience that your team members can relate to. Although, convincing your team/ employees could be as easy as being enthusiastic and passionate about your vision and where you see the company going (Leading & Leadership, 1997). However a leader chooses to persuade his vision to the organization or team members they need to correlate their message by having a positive attitude. One that will channel through their team and inspire them to follow his or her vision. "No one wants to be stuck in a dead-end company going nowhere...or a company headed in the wrong direction" (Leading & Leadership, 1997, para. 2).
Within that positive vision it is important for the leader to not only seek to expand, alter or develop future ideas and procedures. They should also remember that part of their vision needs to be about putting in place preventive ideas, that will help current methods already put in place from future problems. "Just as you perform preventive maintenance on your car, you must perform preventive maintenance on your organization" (Leading & Leade...

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...eir team to see their vision or plan in the same way they visualized it. Leaders will have to be able to motivate their team with positive encouragement from the starting point to the end. Ensuring that the leader and the team will all be on the same page, aspiring to accomplish the goals that pertain to the leaders vision or master plan that he or she imagined from the

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