Leading Improvement in Literacy Instruction Essay

Leading Improvement in Literacy Instruction Essay

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Literacy Improvement Project

EDPS 548

School Context
Beulah Shoesmith Elementary is a K-6 school located in the Hyde Park/Kenwood Community. Contrary to what the assumed socioeconomic status of that community is, 91% of the students qualify for free/reduced lunch. Many of the families that reside within the attendance boundary are renters, which also attributes to the 21% student mobility rate. Since the reorganizations of districts, Shoesmith resides in District 9 under the direction of Chief Harrison Peters. The Principal of Shoesmith, Sabrina Gates has over 19 years in the field of education. Prior to serving as principal, Ms. Gates served the Hyde Park community as a reading specialist, reading coach, staff developer and assistant principal. Her sustained leadership and 5E survey reports indicate rating for Shoesmith as a “well-organized” school. Assistant Principal, Nicole Neal contributes another set of talents, by providing supports for social and emotional needs of students. Prior to arriving to Shoesmith School, Ms. Neal served as a high school counselor and is an adjunct professor at Loyola University. Together, the administrators collaborate to drive the Shoesmith mission.
Shoesmith Mission
We believe that every student in our school is capable of learning and thinking at high levels. We will meet the academic and social/emotional needs of all of our students including students with disabilities, English language learners, high achievers, and struggling learners. We will challenge each student by providing a safe and nurturing learning environment that encourages self- expression and creativity, and by setting high expectation, utilizing rigorous, research-base...

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...servations used data gathering instruments designed to focus on instructional quality in literacy for the observer, teacher, and the administrative team.
The instructional quality indicators addressed by the data collection practices and this document include:
1. Instructional Methods – provides information based on instructional practices
2. Level of Cognition – provides information about the depths and levels of thinking involved in instructional activities
3. Student engagement – expressed in terms of the percentage of engagement observed
4. Standards/Objectives – identifies instructional focus and alignment to Common Core Standards
5. Instructional practices - specific teaching methods that guide interaction in the classroom.
6. Culture and environment – reflecting on environmental features that which have been shown to support literacy instruction

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