The Leading Excellence Program For High Levels Of Leadership At Yes Prep

The Leading Excellence Program For High Levels Of Leadership At Yes Prep

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The Leading Excellence Program seeks to prepare current leaders for higher levels of leadership at YES Prep, specifically as future directors of schools, academic programs or initiatives within our Home Office. How do you envision your trajectory at YES Prep? Please describe your aspirations within the organization and how the Leading Excellence Program will support you in your preparation for future leadership.

I currently want to continue to grow as a learning lab specialist finding ways to improve as each day passes. I would love an opportunity to eventually lead a group of learning lab specialists to help our students go onto graduate and be successful in a college setting. However, that is not my end goal. I truly believe our saying, “All Means All.” I feel my ability to reach all learners and passion to help students can help fulfill my passion of being in a key leadership position. The Leading Excellence program would be an amazing opportunity for me to continue to grow as a possible school director or leader for Yes Prep in the Home Office by connecting and learning from other great minds. Leading Excellence would further better myself as a person and professional to someday lead a group of individuals to strive for excellence.

The Leading Excellence Program values resilience and learning from failure as significant leadership traits. Describe a failure you have encountered in your professional career. What was the failure? What was your response? Upon reflection of the failure, what lessons about yourself and your leadership did you learn? The Leading Excellence Program values resilience and learning from failure as significant leadership traits. Describe a failure you have encountered in your professional career. What...

... middle of paper ... because each one had their own expectations. So, you were constantly having to adjust your work depending on who the supervisor was. My goal was to sit down with the supervisors to see if we can collaborate on one standard as a team. Since it was my first year, I was often told to hold my opinions because I was a rookie and did not know anything. I firmly believe the lack of communication between the members of this team held back in how great it could have been. As a first year police officer, I could have led by example by being more clear and concise with my communication to others on that team. Possibly addressing my concerns through positive communicate may have helped alleviate this whole situation. I have learned over the years in how important communicating with not only the people you work with, but with everyone around you is vital to success in life.

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