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So you want to be a small group leader, but are not sure what leading a small group is all about? If God has brought you to this point, it is evident that God has divinely orchestrated your life to begin leading a small group. Although it may seem impossible to do, God will be there every step of the way and will certainly provide you the amount of grace needed. Are you ready and willing to commit to seasons of servant leadership?
Although leading a small group demand the actions of commitment, faithfulness, and consistency to complete small group tasks; the most important action to remember is to take everything to God in prayer, as God is the source for every phase of small group development. Seeking God to provide for every area and aspect of small group growth, will provide an end result that will be God glorified. Please keep in mind that this instruction manual covers the surface of what is necessary to start a small group; however, purchasing the books from the bibliography will provide you with more detailed information on the entire process of leading a small group. Now you are wondering, how do you get started with small group leadership? The first half of this manual will explain what a small group is, will disclose biblical principles that founded small groups, and provide the motivational reasons for small group development. Ready to get started? On your mark, get set, go!

Andy Stanley describes a small group, “The small-group program is not an appendage; it is not a program we tacked onto an existing structure. The small group is part of our lifestyle.” This means, a small group is a small body of believers who make a conscious decision to live a Christian lifes...

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