Leadership's Corruption as Represented in Animal Farm Essay

Leadership's Corruption as Represented in Animal Farm Essay

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Leaders are not always to be trusted, and this is highlighted in the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell as the message of the text. In Animal Farm, leadership is represented through the actions and personalities of the various characters as a powerful, but easily corruptible force. The Leaders of Animal Farm start off with good intentions but as the story goes on it becomes obvious the leaders have grown power-hungry and have become the ‘superior’ animals, showing that equality does not exist. Propaganda and manipulation play a big part in the novel, stopping the animals from protesting or noticing that their leader was extremely greedy and corrupted. There are excellent leaders as well as awful ones, making it hard to know who to trust in, who to believe and what to do, after all leaders are hard to go against, but a corrupted leader is never a good thing.

George Orwell represents leadership as an easily corrupted and abused power through the characters throughout the novel, Animal Farm. This source of power has been used by leaders at the expense of their followers for their own personal gain, like Napoleon, the other pigs, and even including Snowball to an extent, who‘s first sign of corruption occurred early in the book when they took the milk harvested from the cows while the other animals were working. The pigs' corruption, excluding Snowball, grew worse and over time made life extremely difficult for the animals. In addition to this, the animals were forced to work more hours and rations were constantly being cut, yet the pigs still convinced them that they were living a better life. As well as the pigs, other characters of the book have also abused their leadership and showed signs of corruption. Mr Jones abused his lea...

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...rsue the issue any further. The moral George Orwell is teaching us is that questioning leaders is a useful tactic and that leaders are not always so trustworthy.

Leaders are not always to be trusted. George Orwell has made that clear with his book Animal Farm. Leadership is a powerful force that can be tainted, like the pigs that were trusted with the job of making the animals lives better were, despite what were originally good intentions. Equality could not be obtained despite having promised that all animals are equal, and manipulation and lies were used in abundance to hide the fact that their leader was corrupted. Even though some leaders are corrupted, other leaders can be trusted. It is just a matter of finding out which ones. At the end of the day people will always have their own thoughts and opinions and they are more valuable than many seem to notice.

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