Leadership Versus Management: Differences, Necessity, and Effectiveness Essay

Leadership Versus Management: Differences, Necessity, and Effectiveness Essay

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Leadership and management are vital to the success of any organization. Leadership is necessary for the vision and inception while management is necessary for the operation and maintenance of the organization (Bruno, 2009). While leadership is a process involving influence to help a group of individuals to accomplish a common goal, management is more of a reaction to a need for organization, consistency, or correcting problems that is task-oriented and involves the use of authority (Ricketts, 2009). Management is sometimes a necessary component of leadership, particularly when problems arise in relationships, action must be taken to gain supporters and bring change about, or to create balance between the desires of organization members and the good of the organization (Plachy, 2009). Effective leaders realize possibilities and the need for change, motivate and inspire others, build trust, listen to others, design responsibilities to engage others’ values and abilities (Maccoby, 2000). Effective managers put systems in place to ensure smooth operation of the organization, take corrective actions, develop a hierarchy of authority, develop expectations, prepare and follow through on reshaping, and refine operations (Bruno, 2009).
In my own professional experience, the differences between leadership and management have been clear. When I worked at an after school care center, the teacher in charge managed the program. She intervened when children exhibited inappropriate behaviors, ensured children went home with the appropriate parent or caregiver, provided several activities, and kept the facility clean and safe. Conversely, a coworker of mine was a true leader. She recognized that though children were having basic needs...

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...n organizer and supervisor among a particular group. When I am teaching in my own classroom, understanding and possessing leadership and management skills will enable me to inspire my students, model appropriate behavior and desired learning objectives, keep the classroom running smoothly, solve problems that may arise, and make the positive difference I so long to make in children’s lives.

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