Leadership Traits And Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

Leadership Traits And Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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I have gained an abundant amount of knowledge on leadership throughout this course as well as discovering my own leadership style strengths and weaknesses. The Field Experience assignment will test my weaknesses in order for me to improve them. I turned to chapter two, Trait Approach and used the five major leadership traits as a guide to determine what areas I need to improve on the most. I believe I strongly portray determination and integrity in my leadership roles, but intelligence, self-confidence, and sociability need to be improved. With further reading in chapter three, Skills Approach, I found three similar areas of leadership traits I felt I could also work on. The Skills Model of Leadership states three competencies: problem-solving, social judgement skills, and knowledge. With the collaboration of information in both chapters I decided to work on these three main leadership traits for my Field Experience: self-confidence, problem-solving, and overall sociability.
The first leadership trait I need to improve on is self-confidence. My lack of confidence is apparent when I share my ideas with my followers and I begin to doubt myself when negativity arises. If I display confidence in my decisions then my followers will feel confident in themselves as well as their leader. Instead of selling myself short, I need to gain the confidence to show I am capable of leading a large group towards achieving our goal successfully.
The second leadership trait I would like to improve on is problem-solving. As a leader, I will come across multiple problems and I need to handle them in the best possible way. Sometimes I become overly stressed with conflict and I try to make everyone happy instead of doing what is best for the organiza...

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...ility. This deadline will be after two chapter meetings and the brainstorming with other members on our first event.
My final leadership trait, problem-solving, will require the longest time to improve because the conflicts I will face are unpredictable. I will have a great deal of decisions I will have to make without the inputs of others from the start and discovering how to handle each decision will be a process since no situation will be the same. Once I start evaluating previous scenarios, I will be able to act accordingly with previous experience. Improving my problem-solving within the organization is more of a long-term goal, but I will be able to determine growth in this area three days before our Field Proposal Evaluation is due. By this time, I hope I will be able to reach out for my supervisors advice less and start to become confident with my job duties.

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