Essay on Leadership Training For The Business Environment

Essay on Leadership Training For The Business Environment

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Leadership Training
HRDV 5610
Robert Becker
Nita Kirk
October 4, 2014

Leadership, we hear it all the time, whether in our lifestyle of living or in our business environment. It is the fundamental groundwork with our revolving world to making anything work. Leadership is not just for any program, business, movement, or mission, but the way to demonstrate strong structure with the right leadership. Leadership is the one proven step in all organizations that will either make or break any organization. Take a moment to think about it, how many successful businesses do you believe that encounters severe deficient core leadership? Not many businesses, nevertheless if this is a problem, I can assure you that their business is not fundamentally sound. On the other hand, if the businesses are affected, they are surely heading for failure. Therefore, having the right type of leadership will make promising deliverables.
Today, we can incorporate many things to making our business great, but the first and foremost important factor to keeping the business going is the leadership. Leadership goes hand in hand with all organizations today, starting with the hiring process. When we decide to hire people, we look for certain traits in them. We look to see if they have the capability to instill the many skills require to handle the operations that are set forth before them. In weeding out the good and the bad in this scenario, we will find different level of leaders. For starters, “born leaders,” this type of leadership illustrates talent and high-energy charisma. Now we have the “earned leader,” this type of leadership demonstrates the ability to learn new objectives and past knowledge from their overall exp...

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...would do most good in the areas that were identified in the article readings. In reading the articles, I have developed and expanded great ideas on what it takes to make efficient leadership training work. In addition, I found more perspectives outlining the visions in employees, or better yet ask the employees what they believe it would take to make the organization work at its highest level. With the employees help, the leadership program can create beneficial outlooks for all involved.
1. Haning, Robert and Priestland, Andreas, Developing First-Level Leaders, Harvard Business Review, The Magazine, June 2005
2. Howland, Samantha, Krupp, Steve, and Schoemaker, Paul J. H., Strategic Leadership: The Essential Skills, Harvard Business Review, The Magazine, January-February 2013
3. Noe, R. A. (2013). Employee Training and Development (sixth Ed.).

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