Leadership Theories Of Leadership Development Models Essay

Leadership Theories Of Leadership Development Models Essay

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Early leadership theories focused on the qualities that distinguished leaders and followers, while later theories considered situational factors, specific skills and interpersonal relationships (Rost, 2007). The Great Man Theory and other trait theories suggest that leaders are born, not made. “Leadership comes from an inherited set of qualities and traits that make some individuals, usually men, better suited for leadership” Northouse, (2007) p. 162).
This study will be informed by several leadership development models because no one model can adequately capture the elements of leadership development. Leadership development models are sometimes defined as guides that propose specific training, mentoring, and situations that are employed to develop leaders. The theoretical foundations models and theories listed below contribute and to the various approaches that result in high performing leaders in army organizations. Related to and support the problem statement or study topic.
Leadership Development Theories
It was believed that people were born with these traits, and that only the “great” people possessed them. During this time, research concentrated on determining the specific traits that clearly differentiated leaders from followers (Bass, 1990; Jago, 1982). Many leadership theories have been used to describe a leader and how he or she is developed or came in to their role as a leader.
The "Great Man", which came about in the 19th century argues that great leaders are simply born with the necessary internal characteristics such as charisma, confidence, intelligence, and social skills that make them natural-born leaders (Carlyle, 1840). His belief in the continued use to humanity of the Hero, or Great Man, is ...

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...of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization”. The "be" of the model refers to the morals and qualities that shape character; as essential qualities, and the identity of the leader. The “know “refers to the knowledge that the leader should use in leadership, as well as knowledge about tactics, technical systems, organizations, management of resources, and the tendencies and needs of people. From an Army standpoint, leaders are not operational until they apply the skills and knowledge they possess, and, as with knowledge, leaders will learn more about leadership as they serve in different positions. The “do” refers to what a leader does or his or her actions that are directly related to the stimulus they have, the situation, and those around Them (“Be, Know, And Do”, n.d.).

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