Leadership Theories Of Leadership And Management Essay

Leadership Theories Of Leadership And Management Essay

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Taking a group of team from ordinary to extraordinary is an understanding and assumption the difference between leadership and management. Even though, there are enough professional leadership theories, each of them has its own importance, especially those are helping to find out the dimensions that develop great decision makers. Some leadership theories are focusing on personality behaviors and traits, at the same time others concentrate on broader perspectives to know how leaders relate to their followers. Understanding of various leadership theories and applying their doctrines can really help for the professional to become more effective and get drastic results from their team. A powerful leadership is an indispensable part of a group which has a certain goal to attain. A good leadership contains some internal characteristics like confidence, charisma, intelligence and other social skills. Most importantly, the performance of leaders is depending upon the theory which he follows. A lot of different kinds of leadership theories have been introduced to explain why and how certain people come to great leaders and what is the secret behind their success. According to the studies which are related to leadership theories, certain personality traits make and help people better suited to leadership roles and the ability to take the sound decision of the situation make a good leader. It’s a fact that people have long been desired in leadership throughout human history, at the same time, it has only been relatively recently that a lot of formal leadership theories have popped up. In the early part of the twentieth century, interest in leadership increased. When we dig into the deep of early leadership theories, those are focused on wha...

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...ining good staff relations and also need to achieve a positive and effective between delivering results. The employees are not supposed to question the direction which has given by the leader and hence his word is final. It is most efficiently organized in situations where control is imperative and there is no chance of error. The military is one of the best examples of authoritarian leadership. The benefits of the authoritarian leadership are, the task will be completed with great urgency and time critical, it will provide structure and disciple where there is even no time for the discussion to complete a task. There are some negatives aspects too for this style, if people are often controlled by this style, they are getting frustrated and they will not get any chance to grow and sharpening their skills, proceeding to the feeling of being belittled and disbelieved.

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