Essay on Leadership Theories And Models : An Effective Leader

Essay on Leadership Theories And Models : An Effective Leader

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In order to ensure that I function as an effective leader, I must observe and reflect upon major leadership theories and models. I believe the Situational Leadership Theory, the Path-Goal Theory of Leadership, and Vroom and Yetton’s Normative Decision Model may help me achieve this high quality leadership that I seek. These theories and models are not without their faults, but studies have proven them to provide some level of effectiveness. Further reflection on each will help to determine what theory/model or what combination of these theories and models will yield me the best results.
The Situational Leadership Theory was interesting to me due to its adaptive nature. I firmly believe that to be an effective leader you anticipate different situations that will inevitably occur. Different employees have different needs and as an effective leader I should be able to address these needs so that my employees may function at their most efficient level. This theory does give a nice general guideline of how to approach certain employees, but it does make sweeping generalizations. In some instances there are early stage employees who are uninterested in their job and may lack both competence and commitment. That employee should be given both direction and support. Some employees may feel undermined that you coach them, they may feel that they are perfectly competent on their own and do not need you watching over them. That employee, though they may be skilled, still needs to gain more skill, but should perhaps be given a bit more space- though that does not mean they are completely without guidance or surveillance. While I do find this theory very useful- something I will implement when leading my employees- I also realize that I must a...

... middle of paper ... many things, I do not believe these theories and models are wholly good or wholly bad. Each may be utilized in such a way that is effective, but has its drawbacks. To ensure that I make use of them in an effective way, I should first observe the situation. Then I may apply a combination of each theory or model to help come up with a strategy that will most benefit me. My leadership style is perhaps a bit more task-oriented, though I do see the value in my employees and their emotions. To remain efficient and on-task, I must make sure my employees report sufficient levels of job satisfaction and are rewarded for their efforts; to handle any problem I should consider the individual or individuals involved and mold my approach to best fit them and the situation. I suppose a mix of all the theories and models I have read about would prove to give me the best results.

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