Leadership Techniques For Employees And Peers Essay

Leadership Techniques For Employees And Peers Essay

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Managers have a many tasks to do on a daily basis, and one of the many tasks is their associates. Not all managers are capable to be leaders, in order to become a leader they must earn their associates trust, but also “inspire and motivate people to give their best” (Managing Leadership, 1996). Being a leader comes with a lot of responsibility and certain qualities that will make them an effective leader. A leader is defined as “someone who can influence others and who has managerial authority”, other than that they must “influence [their associates] to achieve goals”, which is also known as leadership (Robbins, Decenzo & Coulter, 2015). Theories based on traits, contingency, situational or transformational are just some leadership techniques used throughout time in the business world. Management uses all of them except trait leadership. Many effective managers use different techniques to become effective to their employees and peers. People vary in personality so one must adapt to the situation at hand. People change and so do some of the theories and approaches to them. There are many theories that have developed because of the changing society, but also some have been disproved.
Trait leadership is the foundation of great leadership, but because the theory was based on having the traits. The theory of trait leadership states that if a person/manager does not have all of them, then they do not apply it to their leadership skills. The qualities that define a leader or manager have all the characters, but they were supposed to already have the characteristics when being appointed a higher position. These certain qualities are drive, desire to lead, honesty and integrity, self-confidence, intelligence, job-relevant knowledge and ...

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...may not feel like the leader is competent because the method is different from their own point of view. In conclusion, gender determines which theory is used and how they will approach situations.
Trait leadership theory and among other theories all involve the basic principles of being effective towards their associates and/or employees. Leadership involves more than just having basic characteristics to handle a wide variety of situations in the work environment. There are many theories to approach the work society in order to improve work ethics and/or the attitudes in a specific environment. Some people want to be leaders and others are content with being a follower. Leadership takes a variety of skills in order to have people follow a strong leader. Therefore, the work environment has various approaches to become a leader or to be involved in leadership tasks.

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