Leadership Styles Of The Allison ( 2015 ) And Vaill ( 1992 ) Sources Essay

Leadership Styles Of The Allison ( 2015 ) And Vaill ( 1992 ) Sources Essay

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1. Describe Ang’s leadership style in terms of the Allison (2015) and Vaill (1992) sources. Was there a shift in his style?
A retrospective analysis of issues at Alpha Mill revealed issues related to management. The underlying causes arose from leadership styles of Ang Siow and Ian Davidson and the lack of consideration of cultural differences.
Ang Siow Lee, as a teenager began work in the 1960s as a laborer at Alpha Mill in Malaysia. He successfully rose to senior production supervisor over palm oil processing after being the most senior non-managerial staff member. He reported to the mill manager with two junior supervisors and 25 operators under his supervision and assumed many responsibilities including human resource planning issues, disciplinary issues, and performance appraisals. Ang frequently intercepted questions and concerns of the mill operators before those concerns reached the attention of the mill manager. It was only in the rare occasions when Ang could not resolve the issue that is was brought to the attention of the manager. Despite his task-oriented style, he kept the mill operating at top efficiency. Ang was known for ‘running a tight ship” and frequently reminded other of that. Since its early years of Alpha Mill, most managers were from the United Kingdom or were British ex-military or police officers. Ang’s implicit leadership theory of leadership possibly was influenced by the task-driven nature of former military and police managers he experience in his formative teenage years working at the mill.
John Allison, former BB&T CEO, who steered the bank away from quarterly losses during the financial crisis, believed in the importance of independent thinking. He believed that although a lot can be learn from...

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...rn-around in mill performance had a negative effect on Ang; he became more withdrawn and devastated by the team’s performance without his control.

Understanding a country’s culture is critical to success as business is conducted on a global scale. Each country has its own culture or shared beliefs, values, and customs that shape their behaviors. Despite how influential as organizational culture may be managerial practices, the country’s culture may be even more influential. Geert Hofstede created what he called cultural dimensions to help managers understand the differences in cultures. His research showed that culture impacts employees’ work-related behaviors and attitudes (Robbins and Coulter, 2002). Those five dimensions are: power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism, masculinity, and time orientation (Grewel and Levy, 2013; Javidan and House, 2001).

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