The Leadership Styles Of An Administrator Essay

The Leadership Styles Of An Administrator Essay

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During the interview, I noticed several different times the answers Dr. Mitchell’s provided reflected current educational trends. The strong focus on literacy and math did not just being this century; however the addition of science and technology has been added. He expressed throughout his career as a teacher, there was a big push for reading and math preparation. Now, as a school leader, he finds STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to be just as important as literacy. Dr. Sarah Eaton (2010), claims in her presentation titled, 7 Global Trends in Education in the 21st Century, that “Technology will not only enhance education, it will drive learning of all kinds.” Technology has broken barriers and students will be able to learn from any global location.
The leadership styles of any administrator can also change depending on the school setting and/or goals needing to be accomplished. Per our conversation, it is clear that Dr. Mitchell has maintained the coaching style of leadership throughout his career. This is evident in the number of persons who has worked under him who have went on to become building leaders. However, since he has been a leader of a turnaround school, he has become more of the pacesetting and coercive type. According to Goleman (2000), “the coercive style should be used only with extreme caution and in the few situations when it is absolutely imperative…” In this instance, Normandy Schools Collaborative facing district closure, if accreditation is not met, would be an extreme case. Dr. Mitchell often mentions in staff meetings that we are in need of drastic change and the old ways of thinking must be removed from our minds. According to him, “we have to think outside the box” (perso...

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...e also learned that good leaders are not good at everything. Even the most successful leader at one school, can determine the job at the new school in the struggling district, is not for them. Some leader will excel at being the leader of struggling schools but may have a challenge with moving schools that already perform well to higher levels.
My leadership style will have to change just as my teaching style once did when I was in the classroom. I understand that where I am in education right now is not where I want to stay, rather setting new goals is going to be mandatory to becoming an extraordinary leader in the field. Change agents are not afraid of using various leadership styles, making crucial ethical and moral decisions, implementing federal laws and guidelines with fidelity to best fit their students all while encouraging staff and students to excel.

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