Leadership Styles in Professional Nursing Essay

Leadership Styles in Professional Nursing Essay

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In healthcare it is very important to have strong leaders, especially in the nursing profession. A nurse leader typically uses several styles of leadership depending on the situation presented; this is known as situational leadership. It is important that the professional nurse choose the right style of leadership for any given situation to ensure their employees are performing at their highest potential. Depending on which leadership style a nurse leader uses, it can affect staff retention and the morale of the employees as well as nurse job satisfaction (Azaare & Gross, 2011.) “Nursing leaders have the responsibility to create and maintain a work environment which not only promotes positive patient outcomes but also positively influences teams and individual nurses” (Malloy & Penprase, 2010.) Let’s explore two different leadership styles and discuss how they can enhance or diminish the nursing process.
Review of the Professional Nursing Literature
In healthcare, there are several ways to influence others and each comes with a leadership style that the nurse possesses when they make decisions. When you put it in perspective, the attitudes, values and behaviors of an institution begin with its leadership (Azaare & Gross, 2011.) Democratic and autocratic leadership styles are very common for the professional nurse to use on a daily basis. Depending on the situation at hand, both leadership styles can be very effective.
In a code or emergency situation it is very important for the nurse leader to be able to make quick decisions. In this case, there would be little time to make a group decision and it would be appropriate for the leader to step up and be an autocratic leader. An autocratic leader exercises gr...

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