Leadership Styles And Theories : How They Determine A Manager 's Success

Leadership Styles And Theories : How They Determine A Manager 's Success

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Leadership Styles and Theories: How They Determine a Manager 's Success
There are many qualities and factors that contribute to how a manager is able to effectively lead their employees. One of these factors is the manager 's leadership style. A leadership style is the way a manager goes about providing direction, executing plans, and encouraging employees. There are four main styles of leadership, autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire, and paternalistic, and while they are widely agreed upon there are also theories about which styles are most effective.
Autocratic leaders possess total control of all of the decisions and rarely take input from their employees. It is a totalitarian form of management. In the past autocratic leadership was a common way of managing employees, but now it is considered undesirable. This form of leadership is usually not preferred by employees due to the lack of staff participation. Employees that are directed by autocratic leaders often feel little job satisfaction and may be resentful towards their managers. Businesses with this type of manager also tend to have higher employee nonattendance and turnover rates. Another downside to autocratic management is that it does not allow the manager to access the full potential of their employees or the innovative ideas they may have. Employees are not given a chance to challenge themselves or grow. While the effects of autocratic leadership are mostly negative it can be beneficial in certain situations, like when decisions need to be quickly made or when working on a project and input from several employees would slow down the process. Outside of these types of situations autocratic leadership is ineffective and bad for employee morale.
Democratic leaders...

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...s complex. The theory would also be less effective if it wasn 't applied by all levels of management.
A supervisor 's choice of leadership style directly effects their success and effectiveness and also determines a leader 's relationship with their employees. If a leader is using the wrong style for their employees they may become unwilling or unable to follow their direction. It is important for a manager to apply leadership styles on an individual basis because not all people prefer to be managed the same

way. The more flexible a manager is the more effective they will be in leading their employees and meeting their goals. Leaders should not feel as if one style is right and another is wrong. They should evaluate which is best for their employees and not hesitate to change it as necessary.

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