Leadership Styles And Organizational Behaviour Outcomes Essay

Leadership Styles And Organizational Behaviour Outcomes Essay

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Differing management practices, leadership styles and organizational behaviour outcomes play a critical role on how an individual person functions within an organization. Vice versa individual personality traits may influence and impact a company’s performance at the individual, group and organisational level. As such it is important to examine specific personality traits to suit specific job roles such as managerial or leadership roles which if not assessed robustly could lead to a company failing. By mapping my personality profile using Big Five personality factors (or dimensions), I critically assess my strengths and weaknesses in relation to my job within an educational institution and propose areas to focus on to improve my management ability and potential. The analysis showed strong potential leadership qualities.
The Big Five Model describes the five basic dimensions that takes into consideration all the key variations or characteristics in human personality (personality traits) and is used to profile individual personalities. Prominent personality characteristics are identified according to the consistency of a characteristic and its frequency of occurrence across various situations. The Big Five factors are extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability/neuroticism and openness to experience (Judge and Robbins, 2013) and sometimes are referred to under the acronym OCEAN as summarised below.
The first dimension, openness to experience, refers to whether an individual is eager to try something new or not. Open-minded people tend to be creative, inquisitive, sensitive and artistic. These types of people may tend to be flexible, adaptable, easy-going, and risk-takers.
The next key dimension is conscie...

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..., my high conscientiousness score shows a deep motivation and emotional connection to excel in teaching and interpreting for non-English speakers of similar cultural background. Additionally, how I perceive the teaching/interpreting role and ability to make autonomous decisions (despite being part of a team) as a result of both my efforts and taking initiative in relation to both clients and co-workers, ensured I effectively performed in the role. This was evident through positive feedback from both clients and co-workers. I felt respected and appreciated within the organisation and from seeing happy clients. In addition, high job satisfaction led me to participate in extra-curricular activities to support non-English speakers to assimilate to Australian culture by organising picnics and local tours outside of scheduled work showing positive citizenship behaviour.

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