Leadership Styles And Characteristics Of The Workplace Environment Essays

Leadership Styles And Characteristics Of The Workplace Environment Essays

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A quality leader will guide a business on a pathway to an outcome of success and prosperity. Leadership skills and styles vary, and possessing the correct balance of these two is a quality that all businesses and organizations seek. Different leadership styles will be explored and how these styles adapt and reflect in consideration to the different attitudes of workers and towards the characteristics of the workplace environment. The discussion will follow that will explain how my personality, traits, qualities, and behavior align with a particular leadership style to effectively manage and lead an ideal workforce and workplace environment in the ever-changing health care industry. Successful leaders possess and develop a set of skills that enable them to manage and guide others through a variety of situations for the betterment of the organization (Lamberton & Minor, 2014, p. 160).
An effective manager will understand the various leadership styles and will pick or choose one, or a combination of the styles, to promote cohesiveness, teamwork, and success for the organization. According to Lamberton & Minor, four leadership styles exist; autocratic who make decisions without regard to others, consultative who uses information from constituents to make decisions for the good of the organization, participative who encourages team building and participation to complete tasks and goals, and free-reign who allow participants the autonomy to achieve set performance standards (Lamberton & Minor, 2014, p. 161). Most managers will operate out of the participate style and use the other styles as needed to promote employee growth, team building, and reach the goals of the organization.
The leadership styles differ primarily on how mu...

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... a friendly reminder about the importance of this activity and being present daily understood that this was not true of the staff. Communication, collaboration, and respect by my manager helped to resolve a problem between interdisciplinary teams.
The success of a business depends on a leader possessing skills and characteristics that will guide employees to complete tasks and reach goals. Leadership qualities and characteristics such as vision, communication skills, knowledge, understanding, relationship building, attitude and motivation are vital to becoming a trusted and effective leader (Huber, 2014, p. 8). I am self aware of the leadership skills and traits that I currently possess and desire to improve and enhance the ones lacking. There are many ways to enhance skills to become an effective leader and striving for a bachelor’s in nursing is one of them.

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