Leadership Styles And Characteristics Of Apple Inc Essay example

Leadership Styles And Characteristics Of Apple Inc Essay example

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Leadership Styles And Characteristics
I selected Steve Jobs for the purposes of this paper because I considered him one the greatest leaders of our time. I will start with a brief description of Apple Inc. the company that he founded with Steve Wozniak.
About the Company
Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation leader in design and manufacturing of electronic devices and software. The company is recognized for being ahead for the innovation of electronic gadgets. Apple operates over 250 retail stores in different countries, where their gadgets are sold and provide technical support. The best company known products include Macintosh computer, iPods, iPhone, and several software products like Mac OS X, iTunes, iLife, Final Cut Studio, etc. (MIRABAL, 2009)
Apple Inc. was incorporated in 1977, as Apple Computer, Inc. and in 2007 changed the name to Apple Inc. to reflect the organization’s business orientation to a wider range of computer electronics and software (MIRABAL, 2009). This company has a workforce of 80,000 employees with a 233-billion-dollar revenue in 2015. Apple Inc. become the most profitable company in the world with a 53.4-billion-dollar profit for that year beating ExxonMobil record of 2008 (Statista, 2016).
Apple has been able to build a distinctive reputation with their consumer base that is loyal to its brand and it has obtained a distinguishing recognition all over the world.
Analysis the leadership styles and characteristics
Steve Jobs main leadership styles in my opinion were: directing and coaching. Mr. Jobs was a great director of the company and he showed in different occasions where he was able to bring to company afloat after hard times. At the same time, he was very good in development people skills to re...

... middle of paper ...

...ines and the debt is low and there is loyalty from our customers, bad times can be beaten. I can see in a lot of small to medium size companies that the owners start spending in big toys (like airplanes, yachts, cabins, etc.) and they forget that bad economies can come any time. Liquidity is a most for an organization and a good leader should put the organization first instead of their personal enjoyments. When liquidity is achieved, they can go and buy the big toys.
Leader have to make economic changes during the start-up, growth, and establishment. During the startup is normally a time to tight expenses up and monitor very careful the financial statements. When the organization starts growing, leaders can loose up the expenses and try to expand the business. Once the company is established is important for a leader to continue monitoring and diversify the business.

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