Leadership Styles : An Common Trade Share Essay

Leadership Styles : An Common Trade Share Essay

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Leader’s values can influence leadership styles, and this can create a domino effect which could build a successful organization or completely destroy the organization . The basic values which identify me as a leader are responsibility, ambitious and capability.
Responsibility is an common trade share by successful leaders. Responsibility relays with the individual; therefore, an leader should take responsibility of everything he does, he must be aware that he is responsible for the succed or failure of the organization. I choose responsibility because after reflecting back on my career, I came to realize that being responsible play a big role in my line of work. People’s life depends on me, as a Soldier and Law Enforcement Officer; this value was imprinted on me from the beginning of my career. Responsibility is a common value shared by people in my professions because we are often in harm’s way risking our lives in order to keep society and each other safe. People who don’t share this value, usually don’t last long in these careers due to the fact, that we don’t have room for irresponsible individuals who will get themselves or someone else hurt or kill, due to their lack of responsibility which is a value that must people don’t have in our society; however, responsibility is a learned behavior that could be taught to future generations in order to improve our society. I constantly remind my kids of the importance of being responsible, it’s my duty as Servant Leader and parent to show my kids the Servant Leader’s way in order to improve their leadership skills.
I choose ambition as my second choice, because ambitious it’s necessary in order to keep me focused on the goals I want to accomplish; however, I do my best to focus my ...

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... year in order to maintain and improve their capabilities. It’s important for leaders to know their limits and to remember their limits, and if they don’t feel confortable working an specific task, they must get additional training or step to the side and let someone else lead the way. Uncapable leaders could affect be affecting in the areas interpersonal, organizational and societal, due to the fact that subordinates would start questioning their instructions due to the lack of capability of the leader, the organization produccion will decrease and some cases collapse and affecting society due to the lack of employment.
The combination of responsibility, ambition and capability values are what assisted me in developing my style of leadership; however, leadership is something we must work on every day in order to conduct successful operations.

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