Essay on Leadership Style Of President Obama

Essay on Leadership Style Of President Obama

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The information in this paper will discuss the leadership style of President Barack Obama, one historical figure that possesses certain traits that make an individual a successful leader. There are many situations a leader must endure that require a certain level of sincerity, the ability to see any situation or issue from all points of view, and provide solutions to those issues that all parties involved can agree on or understand.
Successful Leadership Style
The historical figure chosen is President Barack Obama as he is one of the most influential leaders in the country because he must handle every situation delicately because his leadership decisions affect the country as a whole. President Obama must also display to be an effective world leader and understanding that outcome of situations is more what being a leader is about. The leadership style of President Barack Obama is one of an ambassador because he is able to handle an assortment of situations, he is persistent when he is attempting to get the other parties to agree or pass a specific bill while still handling the situation in placid way (, 2011). He is also an advocate for universal healthcare for all Americans regardless of pre-existing illnesses. President Obama’s leadership style also is a creative builder as he understands the issues of the country in reference to health care, pay, and other issues that affect the American people and he has taken his ideas to provide a better outcome. As a leader he realizes that certain situations require Congress along with both parties should engage with him on coming up with broader deals that will be right for the American people and constituents of Congress (Huffington post, 2015). President B...

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...ssues and responsibilities that the results and outcomes are not solely up to him as he has others that must agree with his plans which cause him to lighten his objectivity.
In conclusion there are many traits that make up a successful leader whether he or she is the President of the United States or the lead person on a team project but the one that shape a successful leader understands that one must possess many components of leadership. One must be an Ambassador who can handle a variety of situations, an Advocate to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and a truth-seeker using good judgment. Also be an experienced guide to provide neutral advice during conflict, People mover who can motivate those that serve under him or her and a creative builder that takes ideas or thoughts and make them realizations (, 2011)

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