Leadership Style Of Joseph Stalin Essay

Leadership Style Of Joseph Stalin Essay

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A characteristic of a person who tends to help facilitate people to achieve a certain task describes leadership. By motivating and directing individuals, a leader tends to have a major affect on a group of individuals. Leaders can be harsh and commanding, but they also can be accepting and encouraging. However, both styles of leadership have a major affect on the group of individuals and the nations they rule either positive or negative. For instance, an authoritarian leadership style is when one person rules an entire nation alone and decides what is good or bad for the country without any input from other executives. Authoritarian rulers tend to be harsh and commanding to the people because they are ruling an entire nation but there is only one of them. An illustration of this leadership style is Joseph Stalin. In the course of his autocratic leadership, Stalin accomplished various effects which affected his leadership and the Communist Soviet Union as a whole. Some of his impacts of his leadership method include his brutality during his reign, the ability to manipulate people to follow him, and the economic movements he made to stabilize the society.
Joseph Stalin, the Soviet Communist dictator, stands as one most ruthless and destructive figures of the 20th century. One impact of Stalin’s autocratic style was his ability to use violence and to create fear within the people to show everyone that he will do anything to rule as long as he can. For instance, Stalin created a young savage military group known as the Red Army. The purpose of the Red Army was to patrol neighborhoods and to see if anyone was planning against Stalin. If they were the individuals were shot dead and executed. They, however, also fought wars with the o...

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...land and power. However the wealthy peasants were against this and started to resist. Therefore, “these popular resistances (especially by peasants) to the collectivization of agriculture led to the Stalin’s mass murder of millions of its own citizens” (Sheldon 3). However, Stalin caused the Ukraine famine which was a way of boycotting all the goods sold to them causing them to starve so they can give their land to the government. Eventually, they surrendered the land to the government and Stalin was able to collectivize agriculture. Clearly, Stalin was able to achieve to collectivize agriculture even though millions of people were killed. Furthermore, his leadership style was impacted by the fact that he was able to achieve his goal of collectivizing agriculture. Indeed, Stalin was able to establish economic movements so the economy in the Soviet Union could run.

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