Essay Leadership Style Of A Nursing Leader

Essay Leadership Style Of A Nursing Leader

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Studies have shown that clinical nurses’ autonomy and their control over how they practice, results in positive nursing satisfaction and better patient outcomes. Therefore, nursing leadership must invoke a style of management that involves others as full partners in a context of mutual respect and collaboration (Weselby, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to discuss my leadership style based on the leadership style survey. I will discuss the theories related to my survey results and provide behaviors that I demonstrate as a nursing leader that promotes a desirable work environment.
Nursing leadership styles are usually divided into two categories: transformational and transactional. Transactional leaders function by carrying things out in a specific way, they focus on the day-to-day operations. This type of leadership can thwart innovation and creativity in professional nursing. Transformational leaders enhance morale and performance, they drive for change in heathcare organizations. Furthermore, they lead by example and inspire other nurses to reach for higher standards in their practice. Based on my survey results I achieved my highest score in participative/democratic style, which falls under the category of transformational leadership.
Democratic/participative leaders rely on employees’ input and participation to build a general agreement. With this type of leadership style employees feel their opinions are heard, it builds morale. Polices are based on group discussions and decisions, the leader acts to facilitate and encourage discussions and decisions, responsibilities are shared with the followers due to their involvement, and the focus is on teamwork (Huber, 2014). My second highest score on the survey was delegative/free...

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...ships. As a democratic leader I would practice an open door policy, making myself readily available to my subordinates for service and advice. To ensure that nurses remained actively involved in decisions making policies I would support an ongoing shared governance program, as well as support the development of skills to manage meetings, explore alternatives, and make effective decisions.
In conclusion, hospitals that have achieved Magnet status support the democratic/participative leadership style. Research has shown that this style of management is instrumental in developing a professional environment. Nurses are encouraged to contribute their knowledge and expertise to enhance nursing practice and improve patient care. Furthermore, it allows nursing to take ownership for their clinical practice, which results in a healthy work environment and job satisfaction.

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