Essay on The Leadership Style Of A Manager

Essay on The Leadership Style Of A Manager

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In this particular case study I have chosen to base my study on the scenario number three, “As a manager, you have two employees who have a difficult time working together. While nothing specifically unprofessional has been done by either one of them, other team members have expressed concern that the differences between them are causing tension and some other team members are having difficulty performing their work. Some have even gone so far as to say that the situation is causing a hostile work environment.” The one in which I believe that is always going to be situations and differences that need to be dealt with and two I actually work in this very situation at the time and can relate more to this. The style in which I am most comfortable with in this case study and in real life would be the visionary leadership style. I strive for inspiration and someone getting down on my level and relating and then taking that relation to the next level within their vision of the end project and inspiring me and my abilities to take the project as a team to the next level.
Visionary leadership qualities help their project teams understand the true objectives and goals, as well as, how their contributions are important to achieve these goals (Preston, Moon, Simon, & Kossi, 2015). This very statement makes the visionary leadership style my number one go to style and my most beloved way of leading. To take a vision and to be able to correctly motivate and inspire your team with each individual contribution to get a job done and to further your project to the next level is amazing to me. Visionary will be the style I strive to work toward as a future leader. My number two style would be the Democratic style, mainly because Democratic leader...

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... would have to keep myself under control emotionally as a leader and would have to stay calm as to be a model example for them. If I had to, I would separate them within the job and give them jobs that complement their work styles toward the project. However, I would strive to get them to understand that working together is important and coming to a rational understanding would greatly impact the team.
Painting a picture of a vision that would take a project or company to the next level and handing it down to employers and trusting them based on your inspirational vision that they will take it where it needs to go, will take any company to a great future. Employers love to know their worth in all things and know that they are very much needed to get the job done. Great leaders are the ones who drive people to deliver optimum performance (Preston, et al, 2015).

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