Leadership Style, Communication Styles Test, And The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Leadership Style, Communication Styles Test, And The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

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Over this semester we have taken many tests that have showed us our skills and abilities and our performance as a leader. These include the Heresy-Blanchard Leadership Style Questionnaire, Communication styles test, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. However, other sources of leadership such as birth order or where you were raised can define you as a leader. All of these aspects combined show us our leadership style and what we have to improve upon to be come an even better leader.
For the strengths and weaknesses interview, I was told that my strengths included a great conversationalist, pro-active on tasks, an excellent goal setter and having a get it done approach. I was also told my weaknesses were that I lack self-confidence, I can be a perfectionist, improve my low stress tolerance. Also, I tend to take over projects due to my perfectionism and I can be over analytic which can affect my decision making ability. These influence my style of leadership as when I am in my comfort zone I am a much better leader and when I am in a larger group. In a larger group I state my opinion but I wait until everyone else said what they wanted to say, which may show me as a quiet individual rather than possessing the qualities of being a successful leader.Social sources also have a large influence in your leadership style. For example since I am an only child, I am more responsible and tend to have higher self-esteem than the youngest in the family. However, I may tend to like to work alone rather than with others as I was not raised with siblings. It is also stated that men and women differ in their leadership styles. Women tend to be more organized and tend to explain their actions and if their unfamiliar with a topic, they seek expert h...

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... to communicate with other personality types. When communicating with introverts, it 's important to allow time for that person to trust you personally before having a business-esque conversation. When talking to sensors they must be sure to be practical and realistic and be direct, while with thinkers be logical and calm. Finally with perceptive the ENFJ type must bring new information and ideas to the table and allow changes to occur, which may be difficult for judgers.
As a ENFJ personality type and leadership style, it is important for me to take this all into consideration as when working with a large group of people with all different personality types, I may have to modify how I come across to others in order to effectively get the message across. I know myself that I can be very goal-oriented and sometimes I may seem to be introverted due to my strong judging

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