Leadership Style And Its Effectiveness Essay

Leadership Style And Its Effectiveness Essay

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Leadership is an important aspect for every individual as it improves confidence, gives a better identity and enables better management of people. This paper deals with analysis of my leadership style and its effectiveness with relevant categories. This self - analysis paper will certainly help to plan things in a better way and also to identify weakness and convert them into strengths to utilize leadership in the best manner. The paper will also comprise of varied examples from my personal experiences to justify the points.
Leader Assessment
I work as a team leader in a small scale IT company comprising of about 30 employees. Being the team leader, majority of the operations of the company rely on my productivity as I handle about 8 people as a team. We have a hierarchical structure for communication. In this case, the organization requires me to focus on team work, technical understanding, motivation and performance. My role will predominantly be to monitor everyone in their fulfillment of roles and responsibilities on a daily basis. As a team leader, it requires a lot of support from the subordinates. This is the reason behind following a hierarchy.
Out of the 8 subordinates, 4 of them are freshers. Hence, operational manager and daily evaluator are also appointed among the remaining 4 to evaluate everyone. My performance management strategy works on individual basis where every person gets a chance to set their goals and rewards expected. This will further fine tune the behavior of subordinates (Smith and Foti, 1998). A typical performance management plan works as in the following:

Source: ahri.com.au
The major drawback in this position is that it requires strong concentration on the power used. I have not been...

... middle of paper ...

...nd Sydney, 2010). This is the only reason they are separately categorized to help them experience and identify solutions. When the development of solution happens in this manner, the evaluation is also simple and happens with complete cooperation.
The performance evaluation strategy is an important step for any leader because it influences the capacity of a leader and displays the effectiveness of leader towards the team. I compare the attained results with organization 's expected results to understand the service fulfillment. Every result is also produced with ethical criteria fulfilled.
I have always been a successful leader because of the decision making skills and accountability. However, I am not a people 's person and I strongly feel that I should follow decentralized structure going forward to improve my weakness and convert them into strengths.

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