Essay on The Leadership Skills Used By The Chairman, Martha Mugler

Essay on The Leadership Skills Used By The Chairman, Martha Mugler

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B. Discuss the leadership skills used to facilitate the process of the group
The Chairman, Martha Mugler, called the meeting to order. Students from Hampton City Schools presented the colors, the band played the National Anthem, and another student gave the invocation. This was definitely a festive opening that assisted with setting the climate for the meeting. The Board members were very pleased with the student’s progress and many took the opportunity to praise the students as well as the teachers.
The School Board meeting is very structured. Mrs. Mugler is task orientated; however, she maintained a level of flexibility. She maintained a sense of balance in the group by ensuring there was balance between content and process. She acted as a facilitator by ensuring that all members had the opportunity to express their opinions and feelings. She listened to all the members and validated and supported everyone for his/her contributions. After each presentation, the leader requested feedback from the other members ensuring that all questions were answered. She was very observant and she was constantly aware of all the dynamics within the group.
The leader was also an initiator. She introduced each member of the board and she initiated the motion to approve the consent agenda. The Board adopted rules of Parliamentary Procedure, Robert’s Rules, provide for a consent agenda listing several items for approval of the Board by a single motion. This saves time by allowing the Board to approve this ‘package’ of items together in one motion. The board discusses several issues prior to the public Board meeting. At the end of the meeting, The Chairman, Martha Mugler, opened the floor for comments from the other Board members, she summariz...

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...cisions that will enhance the wellbeing of others. The skills I currently have to lead this group is that I like to listen to people. The leadership style that represents me the best is participative leadership (democratic leader). I value other people’s beliefs and opinions. I consider suggestions made by others which makes it easy to validate and support everyone’s contributions. I am also very observant. I am constantly aware of all the dynamics that are going on around me which allows me to focus and refocus the group. An area that requires attention and improvement is my ability to mediate disagreements and conflict. I know conflict is inevitable; however, I have the tendency to avoid it all cost. Avoiding conflict is unrealistic and choosing to ignore it, will hinder group. So I will focus on strengthening my mediation and confrontation skills.

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