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Leadership Skills At The Cpo Academy Essays

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Leaders require essential leadership skills to effectively lead. The Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Academy teaches those essential skills to enhance leadership ability out in the fleet. During my time at the CPO Academy, I acquired vital knowledge and skills in leadership throughout the classes I took which I will be taking back to the unit. One class that had a significant impact was the Facilitative Leadership class which gave me the tools to effectively run a meeting. In addition, the Change Management class provided me with the skills necessary to support Command Policy and get crew buy-in. Lastly, the Stress Management class imparted me with knowledge on how to deal with stress and mitigate it.
First, let’s discuss tools I obtained during the Facilitative Leadership class which I will utilize when I return to the unit. One important aspect I will implement is the delegation of duties during a meeting to keep the group involved. According the “Performance Improvement Guide” an effect meeting group should be comprised of a Timekeeper, Scribe, Recorder, Co-Facilitator, Participants, and Subject Matter Expert (50). Next, I intend on implementing a meeting management tool known as the Parking Lot. The Parking Lot serves a meeting management tool that keeps meetings on track. It allows side bar thoughts or discussions that typically cause meetings to become inefficient to be allocated so those ideas are not lost (“Performance Improvement Guide” 52). Lastly, I expect to make use of Action Planning to enhance accountability on decisions made during meetings. The “Performance Improvement Guide” states, “Action Planning … ensures accountability with specific names and dates to break down the work into manageable chunks” (107). The Facilit...

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...ring my stress I can apply methods to mitigate it. One example is if I was suffering from emotional stress I would attempt to “connect emotional symptoms to their sources” and “attempt to let go of event beyond my control” (Orioli 70). Ultimately, stress management skills are part of the essential skills a leader needs to be effective.
In conclusion, the CPO Academy has provided me with essential skills to be effective as a leader. I have been provided with the tools to create more efficiency in meetings through Facilitative Leadership. Additionally, the Change Management class provided me with knowledge of how change occurs and how to influence our crew to accept change. Lastly, I learned crucial information on how to identify stress and mitigate it. Overall, the tools I wish to implement will have a profound impact on improving productivity and workplace cohesion.

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