Essay about The Leadership, Self, And Communication

Essay about The Leadership, Self, And Communication

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Within the last decade, society has seen an alarming transformation in the efforts of effective communication. These changes have been both positive as well as negative. Influential leaders in the civilian sector, as well as the military, have found themselves dealing with either internal or external issues on a daily basis. Value-based leadership, self-reflections, and communication: these three terms are the guiding principles that can successfully rebuild today’s labor force. Wrongful communication tactics can leave behind an echo effect, damaging a company 's status permanently as information nowadays is persistent, retrievable and ubiquitous (Zamani, Giaglis, & Kasimati, 2015).
Value-based leadership, in essence, becomes the enduring guiding principles that capture the organization’s strength and character. For the reason that the core values represent the soul of the organization, they are likely to remain steadfast in the face of changing market trends and fads (Warwick Business School, 2015).
In some workplace scenarios these modifications or differences, whether factual or perceived, may detrimentally impact the employee. The impact depends on whether or not the person in a leadership position has the ability to recognize and respect the employee’s differences. Within the work environment, an individual employee may encounter leaders who possess principles and values that seem substantively divergent. Needless to say, these variances may initially present a challenge and even create a potential conflict in continuing the working relationship. Individuals do not have to–or want to–wait until they have hundreds of people reporting to them. One can always apply the principles of values-based leadership. It is never too e...

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...can be effective, executive leaders also need to develop unique insight about themselves as individuals. Who one is a senior leader is a unique combination of personality, skills, life experiences, and personal values and motivations (Smith & Nelson, 2005). If only applied, self-reflection and effective communication could have been the moral compass that could have saved numerous failed business, loss of wages, and in worst cases death.
In summary, whether it be the president of a country, the chief executive of a company, or the junior-most person in an organization, communication is vital. Effective communication develops organizational values that articulate affiliate ways, to obey the rules while living up to the organization’s mission. As a leader, one has to be careful because someone is always watching. Today 's followers are tomorrow future leaders.

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