Essay Leadership Research : Leadership And Motivation

Essay Leadership Research : Leadership And Motivation

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Leadership Research Essay

Eric Easter
Leadership Research Essay
MGMT 312
Leadership and Motivation
19 April 2015

Leadership Research Essay
As a great leader it is important that we adapt to the desirable leadership styles which will make us most successful in the business environment. When we think of leadership traits we often think of who is organized, great with people or simply who we can count on to get the job done. There are several people who fill different shoes in the workplace and it is inherent that identify these individuals to meet the needs of the employees, the technical skills and the most effective person with a leader member relationship who can enforce the task brought down to the subordinates from management. My leadership style reflects between the situational and the contingency approach. In my position it’s important for me to have a great relationship with the soldiers, my leader and to be prepared to deal with circumstances the soldier him/her is dealing with and the areas I can improve in.
At my position it is important for me to set a direction and a goal for the soldiers. My job is to encourage them to attend strong bond evens and for them to be fit mentally for duty. With that said resiliency is the biggest part of my job. Resiliency is being able to overcome anything that life throws at you while serving your country. Some soldiers fight their problems with alcohol or other substances. It is my job to mentor them and to listen to their problems. It’s important that I am able to point them in the right direction to receive the necessary attention to resolve their issues. My most distinguishing leadership traits would be my natural ability to intervene and listen to peoples problem as...

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...tain the soldiers and keep them in good spirits no matter what. That is a trait I would like to sustain. I spent time with the soldiers at the shooting range last week because there were a few of them who were having trouble qualifying with their weapon. I went over some of the techniques I used when I shot my weapon. Our entire group of soldiers who were struggling ended up qualifying and that made me feel essential to the accomplishment of the mission. I will continue to motivate soldiers by providing the necessary guidance. I will start having refreshment at my classes that I have to teach such as sexual harassment and assault, resiliency and suicide
Leadership Research Essay
Awareness. Little snacks like candy and soda with help motivate soldiers because they know they’re appreciated by everything they do to help us accomplish our mission a whole.

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