Leadership Reflections: Motivating and Influencing Behavioral Change Essay

Leadership Reflections: Motivating and Influencing Behavioral Change Essay

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Based on assigned readings (ORG515 Module 2), this journal entry reflects on the rationale for the author’s strategies as a change management consultant in motivating and influencing behavioral change, both as a leader and as a follower. To gain additional perspective, the discussion then considers the relative effectiveness of a study partner’s strategies to assess their potential for motivating and influencing behavioral change in the author’s organization.
Organizational Roles and Responsibilities
As an external change management consultant, the author acts both as a leader and as a follower (Vecchio, 2007) in motivating and changing the behavior of others within a client organization. The follower role develops from “subordinate” responsibilities for guiding the leadership team in processes of diagnosis, design, and deployment of strategies for organizational change (Cummings & Worley, 2009), which includes influencing change in leaders’ mindsets and behaviors (Schein, 2004). The leader role derives from ensuing responsibilities as a change agent for guiding the organization’s workforce in the implementation of strategic change initiatives (Spector, 2010), which involves motivating and influencing change in employee performance behaviors (Schein, 2004).
Determining Strategies for Behavioral Change
Correspondingly, the author’s strategies for influencing behavior change in leaders differ from those used for followers. This difference in approaches derives from the relative directional efficacy – upward versus downward – of various influence tactics (Falbe & Yukl, 1992; Yukl & Tracey, 1992), and the degree to which motivational techniques (Vecchio, 2007) align with individual needs, abilities, and motivational attitudes ...

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