Leadership Reflection On A Community Healthcare Center Essay

Leadership Reflection On A Community Healthcare Center Essay

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Leadership Reflection Report

Obviously, empowering with the strong qualitative tools to overcome obstacles in a community healthcare Center after 4 months as a freshly hired practice manager is remarkable. Beyond that, one must believe that many different kind of help are needed to perform a duty effectively. For instance, the senior administrator did encourage the reading of “The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle—How to Become a Servant Leader”, by James C. Hunter to enhance our objectives and goals. From a careful reading, I get the essence of using the enriched principles in this book during my first months of work. I tend to agree that being a servant leader can make a manager influent to commit to the mission of leading responsibly. I end up changing my mind about poor leadership and developing excellent skills to meet my expectations. Reflecting back, I learn on how Servant Leadership may have influenced some of the decisions I made in the Community Care Center during my probationary months and beyond.
As a newly hired practice manager, I had to understand myself, know my staff, and decipher my job description to stand my leadership development and character development as one. Accordingly, I have taken three amazing tests Emotional Intelligence, Hemisphere Dominance, and Jungian Assessments that helped me envision myself as an effective servant leader. Additionally, the outcome from the self-assessment test weighs the difference from my personal weaknesses and my strengths. Following the human nature and many different steps to change and growth, I tend to agree that to listen carefully, to encourage others to perform to the best of their ability, to have a positive attitude on the job, and to treat others with ...

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... last month, I certainly enjoy using my past leadership skills to deal with Market/Branding Plan, the Lab issues, the equipment Purchase Primary Care Van. Reflecting back, I understand how important it was

To sum up, I must understand that some of the important decisions I made in the Community Care Center may have been influenced by being trained effectively as a servant leader. I remember applying my learning, knowledge, feedback, and experience to my everyday life toward reorganizing the office area, orienting the workplace and prioritizing the issues, and updating the UCCC following the new technological advances. In reflecting back, I do believe that “The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle—How to Become a Servant Leader”, by James C. Hunter is a veritable tool that once we read it with care can empower anyone to become an effective servant leader.

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