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Leadership Qualities Of A Leader Essay

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Leaders have a responsibility to ensure that the organization is running effectively. In addition, the decisions that are made should be in the best interest of the organization, therefore, the leader should ensure that the decisions are moving the organization closer to its vision. According to Manning and Curtis (2015), there are 10 qualities that influence the leadership process: Vision, Ability, Enthusiasm, Stability, Concern for others, Self-confidence, Persistence, Vitality, Charisma, and Integrity. Leaders have to consider these 10 qualities when making effective decisions about the organization. Conversely, when these qualities do not influence the decision-making process for leaders, the organizational leader is not possessing the level of quality that a leader should possess in order to establish a successful organization where everyone is working together to meet the goals and vision of the organization.

Reflecting on the leadership qualities instrument that was provided in the textbook the results gave important insight as to the level of effectiveness that one should possess as a future leader. After carefully reviewing the effectiveness of a leader at my school the leader who was observed scored a 94%. The first quality that an effective leader should consider when making decisions is the vision. The leader has to have a clear picture as to where the organization is going. Additionally, without a clear vision, the organization will lack effectiveness and the organization will not thrive. The observed leader scored a 9 on the vision question. The vision of the school is to “Provide a safe and productive learning environment in which students can communicate effectively, think critically, and solve problem...

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...in the organization in a way that allows people to stand on the side of the leader. Charisma includes leading by example and gaining the trust of teachers and staff and additionally, having the confidence in the way one lead the school (Ubben, Hughes, and Norris, 2016). The tenth quality is integrity. According to Manning and Curtis (2015), integrity is the most important quality of leadership p. 32. The observed leader scored a 10 on this question because the leader is viewed as someone who is trustworthy and courageous. In order for leaders to gain trust from others in the organization, it is imperative that leaders possess the quality of integrity. The decisions that leaders make should be ethical sound. Leaders have to ensure that they are leading by example, this will create a culture where all of the people in the organization are behaving with integrity.

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